Earnest Freight Customs Brokers go one step further than traditional brokers in closely analyzing our clients’ needs and desires to determine the best solutions. As part of the Earnest Freight, we are able to offer expanded integrated services and representatives who are experienced in all aspects of brokerage services

Final release: All Egyptian ports are covered by our brokers who are experts in all aspects of the Egyptian clearance regulation and procedures which govern the importation process in Egypt, we also provide our clients with technical studies for their products, including; tariff rates, sales tax and Egyptian quality standards to avoid the customs penalties and the rejection possibility. Duration for the clearance process doesn’t take more than 3 working days. We also offer import license to our clients who doesn’t have it

Temporary release: dispatch the shipping documents to Earnest Freight and receive your cargo in the next working day, our clearance operations Dept. is responsible to assign t he customs and investment representatives to your company, also at Earnest Freight we issue the insurance policies on behalf of your reputable corporation, do not waste your time just send the shipping documents to our specialized department and we will legalize the documents from GAFI and deliver the cargo to your premises within 24 hours.